About us

Launched in 2017, Laurel Magazine is an online literary and arts magazine. The aim is to biannually publish new, striking, and sincere works of art. Submissions are always free and may include anything from poetry, short stories, flash fiction, essays, reviews, interviews, sketches, photographs, graphic designs, paintings, or any other kind of mixed medium in between. We are keen on blurring the lines. Laurel Magazine is not limited to any country or border. We welcome the work of any nationality, race, or creed as long as the work submitted upholds artistic integrity, honors the human condition, and is aimed at expanding the world's point of view and creating something which was not there before.

Three Bule Lines


" an art; and artists...are human beings. As a human being stands, so a human being is...."

-e. e. Cummings

Charika Swanepoel

Founder & Editor-in-Chief

Editor-in-Chief Charika Swanepoel is a South African poet and literary scholar. She is currently persuing her MA. at the North-West University and some of her poems have appeared in and on platforms such as the Kalahari Review, New Contrast, Itch Journal, The Murmur Journal etc. and is forthcoming in Aerodrome, The New Literati Press, and a Medusa's Laugh Press anthology. She is also reader at Helen: A Literary Magazine and Frontier Poetry as well as assistant reviews editor at New Found (org). Charika's poetry collection has been shortlisted for publication by Platypus Press for their 2017 "Celestial Bodies" poetry series.

Ashley Hambly

Visual & Literary Editor

Visual & Literary Editor

"Just a small-town girl, living in a lonely world"... or something to that extent. Ashley is a lover of all creative arts, from poetry to pottery and everything in between. She will be busy with her MA in English Literature for the next couple of years, and she is passionate about literature and art since she believes that these mediums can truly convey a message, and perhaps change the world bit by bit. She's especially interested in art and literature with an Ecocritical theme; she believes that the destruction of nature is one of the greatest problems that the world has to face at the moment (and like the Romantic poets, she feels a deep love for the natural world).

Moynenne Mortimer

Literary Editor

Literary Editor

Moynenne Mortimer is an English Honours student at the North-West University Potchefstroom Campus. With a familial interest in politics, her literary taste varies from the poetic to the political. Apart from the appreciation of literature, she also enjoys watching movies and spouting random facts about these movies.

Ruan Fourie

Visual & Literary Editor

Visual & Literary Editor

Ruan Fourie was born in 1994 in Bloemfontein. As of 2017 he is in the process of completing an honours degree in creative writing at North West University. He is also an Afrikaans poet. His debut collection of poetry was published by Protea Boekhuis, shortly before the 25th anniversary of their foundation.

Mariska Nel

Media Manager

Literary & Visual Editor

Mariska Nel describes herself as a student of life and random as shit, and a wee bit Afrikaans (read in a VERY AFRIKAANS accent)! "You have to find the beauty, you have to do the things that scare the living crap out of you (wat is meer scary as daardie 02:00 gedagtes wat jy probeer neerpen) and though every single one of us has a different idea of what beauty is, we have to share it, ons moet dit uitleef, laat leef, ons moet skep. O-ja, en in die wyse woorde van J.R.R Martin, "YOU KNOW NOTHING".